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Hurricane Pass Marine Services, Inc.
Keeping up with the maintenance of a vessel can sometimes seem overwhelming. HURRICANE PASS MARINE SERVICES INC. can help you keep track of this chore by developing a maintenance schedule and plan uniquely developed for your vessel and individual needs. The maintenance plan is an extensive consulting service that will identify all the systems and components, give some insight as to the basic operation of each of the systems or components, and provide a maintenance schedule that can be followed for the vessel. The maintenance plan can be as simple or detailed as desired depending on the owner's needs.
Keeping up with scheduled maintenance is one thing, but trying to understand and control your corrosion problems can be a nightmare. Corrosion problems can arise from an incorrectly bonded system, stray current from inside or outside sources, dissimilar metals or even newly added electrical equipment. Excessive zinc loss or uneven zinc loss is a possible indicator that the vessels metallic fittings and thru-hulls are not adequately protected. As with a maintenance plan, a Corrosion Control Program can help identify the problem areas and provide a means to control it. A program can be developed to meet the owner's needs and to address all of the corrosion issues.
When it is time to repair your existing vessel or if you are having one built for you, it will not always be possible for you to be onsite during the process. HURRICANE PASS MARINE SERVICES INC. can represent you and protect your interests, making sure that the work to be accomplished on the vessel is being performed as agreed upon and that there are no surprises down the road.
Buying a new vessel is a big decision. Sometimes people get overwhelmed with the purchasing process and don't always select a vessel that meets their needs, or end up purchasing one out of their price range due to emotional factors. HURRICANE PASS MARINE SERVICES INC. can assist with this process by providing objective 3rd party consultation that will remove the emotion and the "Got to Have It" feeling from the equation. We will do our best to provide you with enough information about what you may be getting yourself into.
New to boating or new to the local area? This consultation service offers one-on one instruction and orientation to your vessel and equipment, local waterways, rules of the road, safety, basic navigation or whatever your needs. This program is a great supplement to a boating safety course offered by your local USCG AUX. The whole "crew" is welcome and encouraged. Our focus is on safety!

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